Plot Edit


The Taylor's family dog, Max, is kidnapped by the evil Sirus Caldwell, CEO of mega corporation Envigormax, to be used as a test subject for a new super energy drink. When trials go terribly wrong, Max escapes but later finds himself to be transformed into the terrifying "monster mutt." The Taylor family children, Ashley and Zach join up with the scientist responsible for his transformation, Dr. Victor Lloyd, to find a cure and return Max to normal.

Cast Edit

  • Billy Unger as Zack Taylor
  • Rhiannon Leigh Wryn as Ashley Taylor
  • Bart Johnson as Jeff Taylor
  • Bob Gibson as Monster Mutt
  • Zack Ward as Sirus Caldwell
  • Brian Stepanek as Dr. Victor Lloyd
  • Mindy Sterling as Helen
  • Juliet Landau as Natalya
  • Alastair Mackenzie as Monty
  • John Kassir as Pet Shop Pete
  • Kim Fields as Valerie Williams