• ...that Billy's birthday is on October 15?
  • ...that Billy and Angela have a black cat named Jinxx since September 2015?
  • ...that Billy wi'll be the main character in a new show, Lab Rats: Elite Force, which is a spin-off series of Lab Rats and Mighty Med?
  • ...that Billy was an A+ student in school?
  • ...that Billy's full name is William Brent Unger?
  • ...that Billy favorite teacher was his 4th grade teacher, Mrs. McDaniels? 
  • ...that Billy is obsessed with Spider-Man?
  • ...that Billy's favorite subject in school was recess?
  • ...that Billy's favorite color is red, and that his favorite color combination is black and red.
  • ...that Billy is currently 20 years old?
  • ...that Billy's lucky number is 3?
  • ...that Billy would be the little brother of Sonny in Sonny With A Chance, before they reworked the show?
  • ...that Angela Moreno is Billy's girlfriend and that they started dating on July 25, 2014?
  • ...that his first role was in National Treasures: Book of Secrets?
  • ...that Billy thinks that winter the most wonderful time of the year?
  • ...that Billy most likely dated Alli Simpson? 
  • ...that Billy can play with accoustic guitar, piano, electric guitar and the drums?
  • ...that Billy is in a band called California Chrome, founded by himself and where he's the main guitarist?
  • ...that Billy's sister, Erin Unger, has a YouTube channel where she sings her own songs?
  • ...that Billy graduated school when he was 15?
  • ...that Billy used to date Teala Dunn?
  • ...that Billy's Zodiac sign is Libra?
  • ...that Billy has hazel colored eyes?
  • ...that Billy's parents are divorced?
  • ...that Billy's favorite shoes are Supras and Converse?
  • ...that Billy was bullied because of his height?
  • ...that Billy is born in Palm Beach Country, Florida?
  • ...that Billy is good at stunts and would do anything, according to Kelli Berglund?
  • ...that Billy is christian?
  • ...that Billy's favorite band is Guns 'n' Roses and his favorite song of them is Sweet Child O' Mine
  • ...that Billy's favorite song of the summer of 2015 is Sugar by Maroon 5?
  • ...that Billy's favorite animated movie is The Incredibles?
  • ...that Billy went to Paris with Angela for their 1 year anniversary?
  • ...that Billy loves waffles?
  • ...that Billy knocked himself out once, when he was 11 years old?

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