Chase Davenport is one of the main characters in Lab Rats and Lab Rats: Elite Force. Billy is best known for this character.

Chase is a bionic superhuman, created by Douglas Davenport. He is raised by his uncle, Donald Davenport. Together with his older siblings Adam and Bree and with his younger step-brother Leo Dooley, he goes on missions and saves the world.

Chase has many powers, such as Laser Bo Generation, Force Field and Molecular Kineses. His main power is Super Intelligence. He has apps in his power like the Override app,Trition App, and the Commando app. The Override app allows him to tap into any bionic person's ability and take over their system. The Trition app is kind of like the Override app, but this app allows him to control other people with his brain. With the Commano app he has a different name, Spike, it suits him better. When Spike appears, it is only when Chase gets angry or annoyed. Spike is very strong and has a deep voice, he usually only gets sent one target at a time.