Billy has had a lot of different haircuts. He's almost every year another haircut. This are the hairstyles he has/had:



This year Billy cut his hair, so it was spikey. He did this during filming Season 1 of Lab Rats, after filming 4 episodes. He's had this haircut before, when he was younger.



After filming Season 2 of Lab Rats, Billy let his hair grow longer and dyed it black. This was the first and only time he dyed his hair.



After finishing filming Season 3 of Lab Rats, Billy cut his hair really short. It's the same haircut he had as little kid for a while.


IMG 20150917 071237
After finishing filming Season 4 of Lab Rats, Billy let his hair grow longer. He also let grow a little moustache. It's a little simular to his old hair cut, but is still different. 

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